Drifting a Porsche Carrera GT IN TRAFFIC!

This is pretty freakin nuts. I’m not sure if this was taken in Dubai or somewhere else, but these guys are drifting (more like just sliding around) in a Carrera GT on the public streets. Cars all over the place and they have the back end sliding out. Crazy.


  1. More audacity than cranial capacity lol

  2. crazy. ryan, i like how you added your own music mix to the video

  3. if you can afford a Carrera GT, you can afford the ticket…if the cop can catch you

  4. Wow. That is some crazy driving.

  5. what a bunch of goofballs.

  6. Nice. What soundtrack is this? Lol

  7. mitchell says

    … you had me at “IN TRAFFIC.” lol
    cool vid!

  8. more money than brains.

  9. Phil Schneider says

    guys with more money than sense.

  10. Just ONCE I’d like to see something like this on CNN when they show those live police chases, instead of some fool in a mini van being chased because he stole an old lady’s purse.

  11. These guys are pretty nuts. Other cars aren’t too shabby either. Range Rover and the new M5.

  12. That is just stupid.

  13. I agree, too much money and not enough smarts.

  14. wonder what kind of car they were filming from?

  15. Phil Schneider says

    I say the Angel of Porsche comes down and takes
    the keys (and Carrera GT) away from this idiot.
    Then drops it off to someone more deserving (like one
    of us).

  16. @ maria totally agree with you, more money than brains

  17. @ bookie, I cant agree with you there bookie (car chase) You ever see how these chases end after these dopes decide to be stupid enough to run? Cops no match for a CGT, But a CGT no match for spike strips ….almost all of these losers run the the thing until the wheels start a friction fire or crash the thing….and then we would be less one CGT in the world!

  18. Brad, a CGT could out run the helicopters, so the cops on the ground would never know where to be ahead of time to toss those strips. The strips never work anyway.

  19. bookie, i guess your right on running a helicopter, if you have enough room!..but spike strips, if they can be used, usually end it for anything! …..But i would still rather see these nut cases beat on a minivan or 89 S10 , a redneck classic for car chases lol . Im joking about all this, rather not see anyone get in a car chase and get someone killed who didnt ask for it.

  20. true Brad…but it happens regardless, so just once I’d like to see someone do it right

  21. I guess when you have endless oil money you don’t mind throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of car sideways in traffic. Pretty insane.

  22. mitchell says

    if this happened in saudi and they broke the law, they could lose a limb…