Tempting Porsches #18 – Reader Edition

Today’s Tempting Porsches were both sent in by PorschePerfect.com readers. A couple of VERY tempting buys here.

Tempting Porsche #1

The first Tempting Porsche was sent in by “wolfy” (hopefully you know who you are). It’s a 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera. Looked like a decent car from the pictures. Nothing super special, but a nice Guards Red mid-80’s 911. Check out the Craigslist description:

I’m having to sell this car because of divorce. There are just some things asshole husbands shouldn’t be able to take away from you. Don’t even consider contacting me if you aren’t willing to take very special care of this car. The price is ridiculously low and not negotiable. She is red with black leather interior and a black convertible top. She has 83,960 miles. After market Sony Explode AM/FM/CD stereo w/detachable faceplate & Memphis speakers. Convertible top and carpeting replaced in 2005.

Shouldn’t people work things out so the Porsche doesn’t have to suffer? Come on, people do it for their kids. The one thing I’d be a little leary of is the “Explode” stereo. Hopefully the wife didn’t add that with other motives in mind.

Price: $9850. A dang good deal if the car is in decent condition. I’m regularly seeing these cars go for the mid-$15k range in the Portland area. Sometimes higher and this one has pretty low mileage.

Tempting Porsche #2

The second Tempting Porsche was submitted by Tim. This one was on a local car dealer lot in the Portland, OR area. It’s a 2000 Porsche Carrera with only 29,000 miles on it. Here are some details on the car:

Clean Carfax Shows 1 Carful owner with only 29K original miles. Paint, leather like new runs and drives outstanding. Rare to find this nice with this low miles. Bright blue with Grey leather Chrome alloys. Outstanding car.

First of all, I need to pull different Carfax reports on cars I look at, because I didn’t know they showed how careful or not an owner was.

I don’t love the blue. Ever since I got rid of the blue minivan a few years ago, that color has always felt a bit dated to me. This car also carries what I call the “Sid” factor. The Porsches on Sid’s lot tend to be very competitively priced, but almost every one of them need some work to bring them up to snuff. Oftentimes it’s just cosmetic stuff, but still gotta put some cash into them. Still could be a great deal at the advertised price of $24,000.


  1. like to see #1.sounds like a good deal.

  2. Phil Schneider says

    Nice, but not a fan of the chrome rims.

  3. Too bad #2 isn’t guards red. One of my favorite colors for a Porsche.

  4. the convertible sounds like a better deal than the 996, even if it does have the Sony/Walmart stereo system

  5. it says “carful” driver not careful, so maybe there is some way of telling that from carfax. 🙂

  6. 29k miles?that guy needed to drive more.

  7. mitchell says

    im really getting a good idea for what these cars are worth on the used market. thanks!

  8. Andrew – “carful” means it was formerly used in a circus, where a “carful” of 20 clowns get out of the car with a a “carful” of 20 white fluffy dogs

  9. Call up the lady in the first ad and tell her that her husband sent you 🙂

  10. Without more information, I would go with tempting Porsche #2, much newer and it has my favorite front end of the 911 line.

  11. The first Porsche is a great buy, nice first Porche for a fella.

  12. no pics on #1 makes you wonder.

  13. no.2 is prime example of a really nice porsche.

  14. That is a good deal and I would be very happy with that black one.

  15. does anyone know what year the 996 is?

  16. oops – the 996 is a 2000, and it has 29k, and they’re asking $24k. NADA says clean retail price is $32k, so I’m wondering why it’s discounted so aggressively

  17. I had a black car pictured in my mind, actually meant the blue one. Short memory I guess.

  18. I think it must just be a sign of the times rb. Probably not from as reputable of a dealer either. There are some that look to be in pretty pristine condition going for (asking for) NADA value on ebay.

  19. I’m thinking salvage title restoration – there’s a dealer near here who sells high line cars at about 30% below market value, and all have been in floods, etc.

  20. @ruthless – Is there an area of the country that usually has these flood damaged cars that we should stay away from?

  21. Jeff – any disaster area has it’s share of cars that the insurance companies deem “totaled”. They take possession of the cars, and run them through auctions, or give them to the bank that was financing the car and let them handle it.

    The auctions themselves attract dealers from all over the region, or even from all over the country. So there’s no way to really say.


    If you live in a state that has strict automobile title laws, then by law it must be disclosed as a salvage car, and is issued a special salvage title.

    Here in Connecticut, this is the case. Not all states have these laws, so a salvaged car wouldn’t have a salvage title to differentiate.

    Also – salvage title cars are difficult (but not impossible) to finance…so typically dealers who specialize in refurbishing salvage cars have relationships with banks who will loan money on a percentage of the vehicle’s book value. Some banks even require the dealer to provide an aftermarket warranty.

    For example, if a dealer buys a salvage car at auction, he’s not going to retail it for 100% market value, but more like 50-60%, because the bank won’t finance more than that amount.

    In Connecticut, the dealer would be required to tell me and show me the title, but in many states, not so much.

    Sorry for the long answer, but it all boils down to what the title laws are in your state.

  22. beats me Ryan, but California loves consumer protection laws, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did


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