Bridgeport Village LOVES Porsches

Just a quick note for those of you who live in the Portland, Oregon area and drive a Porsche (or an Audi actually). Arrive in your Porsche, and you get free valet parking at Bridgeport Village in Tigard.

If you live in the Portland area, then you know about Bridgeport Village. Consequently you also know that parking SUCKS at Bridgeport. We were just driving through there last night trying to get to the Apple store. I finally gave up, left my wife and son in the car in the 10 min zone and ran in for what I needed.

Take the Porsche, though, and your parking problems are solved. Pretty sweet deal sponsored by Sunset Porsche.

Read more about it here: Bridgeport Village


  1. That is cool – I had no idea. I always saw the Audis parked across from Crate & Barrel and the signs on the valet stands, but didn’t know they would valet for free if you were driving a Porsche or Audi.

    Too bad you weren’t driving the giveaway Porsche Ryan or you would have been all set.

  2. maybe they were just taking pity on you because you were going to apple store HELL.

  3. Sounds like a sweet deal.

  4. There is also a display Porsche that you can gaze at across from the PF Changs at Bridgeport. I used to peer at it a lot when I worked there.

  5. Oh, come on the right day and you’ll see a bright orange Ferrari parked out by the McCormick and Schmicks. But that info is probably for another website.

  6. mitchell says

    sounds like a nice deal. hmm, im going to have to look up bridgeport, must be new. i used to live in beaverton and have never heard of it, but that was 6 years ago now.

  7. mitchell says

    PS – ryan , might be a great place for you to set up camp and snap some photos… ?

  8. great idea!would be fun to just hang around.

  9. has anybody ever thought of riding their bike?? parking is always easy

  10. great marketing!

  11. I’ll do the heavy lifting for ya mitchell.

    It opened in 2005 so it looks like you just missed it. It is a very California-style open air shopping center. Pretty nice really, but as Ryan said, it can be a nightmare to find parking (unless you just go to the parking garage of course, but everyone insists on driving around for 20mins looking for that “perfect” spot right in front of where they’re going). 🙂

  12. lol – I hadn’t read through that wikipedia page, but apparently my post above was inaccurate. It’s not a ‘shopping center’ as I mistook it for, but rather a ‘lifestyle center’. Glad we’ve cleared that up.

  13. Wish I had the dough!

  14. lifestyle center my ass – it’s a friggin mall

  15. …and just so you don’t think I’m picking on Bridgeport Village, we have a really big mall in NYC too, we call it Times Square

  16. but honey,if we get a porshe,we get free valet parking!

  17. Yeah rb, I don’t think I’m living the “Bridgeport Village Lifestyle”.

  18. lol thanks guys. i need to get back to PDX … shoulda never left 🙁

  19. I will have to try out the valet parking if I win the Giveaway Porsche.