Porsche 911 Turbo Driving Video

This is pretty cool video with a driver and an instructor in a 911 Turbo on a Supercar Experience Driving Day. It would be a blast to do one of these some time and I bet would make a huge difference in your driving abilities.


  1. always a good idea to learn from a professional.

  2. That would be cool to participate in a driving school like that. But, they are driving on the wrong side. 🙂 Not sure my left hand is that coordinated.

  3. nice video, would have been better if the steering wheel were in the correct side of the car

  4. looks like fun!

  5. mitchell says

    i love when you have videos – they really bring it all to life!

  6. Great idea. How much does somthing like that cost?

  7. i learned a lot just listening to the teacher

  8. that is cool! Nice video. If i was the guy driving and i screwed up and spun, I would blame it the steering wheel being on the wrong side 🙂

  9. it sure would be weird to drive on the other side of the car.