Win Free Mobil 1 Oil!

porsche-purist-mobile-1-free-oilMobil 1 is taking an active involvement in the 2009 PCA Parade. To help celebrate this, Mobil 1 has made some free cases of oil available to a great Porsche blog we’ve mentioned in the past calledย To sign up, head over to the blog, check out the post and leave a comment. He’s also got a couple of other things you can do for additional chances to win. Now I’m no gearhead, but I do know that Mobil 1 is supposed to make some great juice for your Porsche’s (or any car’s) engine. This should be the stuff you use in the Giveaway Porsche should you be the lucky winner.

One quick note…John (the owner of is an active reader and commenter on and an all around great Porsche guy, so I would love it if everyone would take 60 seconds, jump over to the Free Mobil 1 Oil post on his blog and leave a comment. In fact, to help things out, I’ll throw in an extra entry for every person who comments on John’s Free Mobil 1 post, then leaves a comment on this post with a matching user name.

Sign up for the Mobil 1 Oil giveaway TODAY! Free Mobil 1 Oil for Your Porsche at


  1. mitchell says

    thanks for the offer but it seems a little more complicated than leaving a comment – specifically it has to be the BEST comment, in his eyes anyway, to win. I have no compelling reason at the moment. i doubt my needs for my “future porsche” would carry much weight.

  2. @Mitchell, that’s just because you don’t know me well enough yet or my sense of humor. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You can win the oil by getting a link to the post published somewhere and letting me know about it, you can follow on Twitter, or you can explain why you should get the oil. No one said it has to be a “compelling” reason. I just have to like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for the “future porsche”, you’re right that wouldn’t carry much weight as I plan on winning it!!

  3. here’s what I posted:

    this is great, I’m in. Also, don’t forget to visit

  4. Done! I am due for an oil change soon too and i actually use Mobil 1 ! That would be a sweet win! …and fingers crossed i would have some for the 911 win ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. fyi:
    if you try to post a link back to in the body of your comment, or even mention the url in the body of the comment, it will be edited out, as mine was…but where you enter your name, email, website info, you can probably add and they’ll let it be – haven’t tried it, we’ll see if someone else is successful

  6. Here is the comment I left on the PorschePurist blog…I would love to win this case of Mobil 1 Oil and would commit to using it when I get my Porsche, hopefully this year.

  7. Hey – they’ve already got their own Andrew over there!
    Can I just ride his coattails to success?

  8. great p.r. for porsche perfect.good luck.

  9. I’m so down with this

  10. @ruthless, I’m assuming you got my email?

    @Andrew, no way. Andrew would sniff you out and beat you down. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I want to win it!

  12. Mobil 1…cool

  13. Phil Schneider says