Porsche 911 GT2 Goodness

I’m beginning to realize that I don’t think I can get enough of the Porsche 911 GT2. It’s like the 911 Turbo in the 80’s. I just couldn’t stop dreaming about that car and had more than my fair share of 911 Turbo pictures on the wall in my room. Heck, I’d still have Porsche posters on my bedroom wall, but my wife says no. Something about not being romantic or being too childish. I don’t know. I try and tell her, “What could be sexier than an 80’s 911 Turbo…”, but that’s about as far as I get.

This past weekend I came across some GT2 pictures that are just freakin cool. I’ve come back to the page half a dozen times since then, so I thought that was a sign I should share. I love the skid photos and the interior is simply amazing.


[Source Tevami.com]


  1. Great drifting image, and I love the colorful interior.

  2. Sweet! We all know how beautiful this car is, But i agree, The interior is awesome too! Cant ever leave out how nice an interior is because if you are lucky enough to own this, Its the view you see of the car if your use it for what its meant for, Driving! Love that rear view with the wing!

  3. thanks for sharing ryan. the last shot is my favorite

  4. That is a sweet car. I think it could make the ultimate car list because of its performance alone. But it is a spendy little ride.

  5. There is a reason that this is #2 on my list. It is an extrodinary vehicle. Ryan, I think you should change the giveaway to this car instead. Just swap it out last minute and we’ll all be happy…

  6. Where are the red seatbelts?

  7. very nice pictures of a very nice car.

  8. oh wow the pictures are so sick!!!

  9. Jeremy the car is not drifting that is what japanese cars do when they do not handle like a german car but I understand what you mean. the lump is in the rear of the car I think in america a lump is called a motor but anyway the momentum is from the rear so you drive it like that. on saturday and sunday watch 24 heurs of lemans and you will see GT3 RSR do that same on last turn before start – finish.

  10. nice interior for a really nice car.

  11. mitchell says

    that is a great picture of a great car

  12. Phil Schneider says

    yum yum yum. I think I like this car more than
    my Mv Agusta F4 1000. More contact patch

  13. needs red seat belts

  14. WoW!

  15. Sweet images. What’s the cut off age for Porsche posters in the bedroom? 😀

    • Well Joe, that’s a great question. Whatever age you get married at I suppose would be a starting point. Or perhaps the day you move out of your parents’ house.

  16. make your wife think it was her idea to hang the poster in the bedroom

  17. some great action photos.

  18. ryan and joe,
    thanks for bringing up the topic about porsche posters and getting married. that will be a topic i bring up with every girl i date from now on.

  19. @ Joe and Ryan..Its DEFINITELY when you get married! Single guy decor can still include Porsche posters AND…Not exclusive to the bedroom!. In fact when you first move out, You now think you have a reason to post them up in your living room,Kitchen, bathroom etc etc! 🙂

  20. I wouldn’t put red seat belts on this car, but maybe a red gear shift knob.

  21. Ryan, for your money which would you go for: the GT2 or GT3?

  22. i think a priority that should be high when finding a mate would be to find a girl that likes porsches as much if not more than you do. i can tell when i find that girl i’m going to have a lot of jealous guys from this site… =)

    i know it’ll be a long long look

  23. When you get married you get the garage, man. That becomes your area for posters.

  24. some girls like sports cars,too.most like sedans or s.u.v.’s.

  25. GT3 wins hands down over GT2

  26. This car would look great with some RUF wheels on it. Then again what Porsche wouldnt? RUF has a great style to their wheels.

  27. Really RB? I think I would opt for the GT2. Although I don’t know if it’s really worth the $82k markup. If you put $82k in upgrades or aftermarkets onto the GT3 you could make it crush the GT2 so maybe that would be the proper way to go.

    • @Andrew – Yeah, it just seems to do it for me. I don’t need it to crush everything out there. There will always be a car faster, no matter what you drive or how much money you spend. Course I wouldn’t quibble over GT2 vs. GT3 if I was offered either.

  28. Phil Schneider says

    look at that 911’s rear end come out! Beautiful.
    and no, I’m not some kid into drifting

  29. Phil Schneider says

    no, I didn’t mean it to come off
    that way. I like the old school drifting.
    Formula 1 cars getting their ass ends out.
    Porsches twitching through a high speed corner.
    Moto GP bikes sliding through a turn and
    then they go to full throttle.
    The “drifting” that’s such a big deal these
    days kind of bums me out a bit.

  30. could I get this car in black please?

  31. i also find myself to be in love with these awesome machines. im always googleing for some new pictures and how i wish i caould own one of these machines