Ultimate Car List Top 5 – Pick #2

Time for the second pick in my Ultimate Car List Top 5. I know a few of you have been waiting with baited breath for the rest of the list. Maybe I’ll pick up the pace a bit. Really, I’m agonizing over every one and have spent the last week trying to figure out my second car. If you missed the first post, you can check it out here: Ultimate Car List Top 5 – Pick #1

This week’s pick shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has spent any amount of time on this blog. Although the year may be a bit of a surprise. Pick #2: 1978 or 1979 930. I posted one of these beauties last week as a Tempting Porsche. I found a great picture of another one shown above.

Why a 911 Turbo for the Ultimate Car List? That’s easy. It is arguable the ULTIMATE “available” Porsche. It has long been the gold standard of production supercars. Nearly every other serious car manufacturer has sought to outperform the 911 Turbo since it was first released as a production car in 1976. It’s performance, handling and continued advances technologically always seem to push it to the top of the pack.

Why a 1978 or 1979 930? To me, it represents the true essence of the amazing car Porsche developed back in the 70’s. They’re considered beasts and cantankerous by many, but are raw and unrefined. Not to mention powerful. I’ve never driven one, but I love the idea of what these original Turbos represent. Sure the newer cars are more refined, have way more creature comforts, updated looks, more daily drive ability, more power, etc. Heck, the 2009 911 Turbo Cabriolet I looked at in the local dealership made me weak in the knees.

I had a really hard time not putting a late 80’s 911 Turbo on the list, or possibly a factory Slantnose, but in the end there’s just something about that combination of history and power that is appealing. As for color, I’d have to go with a lighter color like the gray above or a light metallic blue or possibly Guards Red (one color that EVERY Porsche looks stunning in).

Some day…

Ultimate Car List Top 5:

  1. 356 Speedster (1950s)
  2. 911 Turbo/930 (1978/79)


  1. Although I prefer the newer, can’t argue with this pick. Simply classic.

  2. spyder,spyder,spyder!

  3. mitchell says

    yeah, i always prefer newer than older, but that is a classic and i am a fan of the silver. whats funny is that it doesnt look THAT old. thats a testament to the designs of the day for sure.

  4. i like the pick. i wouldn’t have thought of a late 70’s turbo for my top 5

  5. I’ll take one in red!

  6. I was actually surprised this wasn’t number 1 on your list

  7. A perfect car if you ask me.

  8. Awesome! This top 5 is so hard to do! Amazing what i had to leave out on my own list,,,Porsche has that many “Ultimates” to fill 5 spots! 🙂

  9. Nice choice, nice choice. The 930 Turbo is #1 on my list just in case some of you haven’t seen my other posts. Pretty much any year in red is my future car.

  10. Any one born later than 1980 may have this same trouble, based on imprinted memories. There are so many wonderful porsches in the late ’70s & ’80s, yet they never had a chance to imprint on my memories. My father owned an early ’70s 911, and loved it completely, until he sacrificed it for a woody series Jeep Waggoneer. This may be why I had no memories of the ’80s, he must have been in mourning. Anyways, I will be happy to go driving with you when you take delivery of your ’80s Turbo, to experience that ’80s desire.

  11. GREAT choice.

  12. this car in germany was slightly different starting in the 1988 year, it had and still does have fender reflector turn signal by wheel well. I think american audi and vw has this. also it has no catalyitics converter in euro version so faster.

  13. spyder would be 2nd.really nice car though.

  14. jeremy are you trying to brown nose to ryan?? sure seems like it to me

  15. I predict the 3rd car on the list will be newer, and have a removable/retractable top of some sort

  16. Paul Rollins says

    This car embodies what porsche is supposed to be about better than any other model since. Beauty, Power, and No Apologies.

  17. Maybe we get some back room bet going on what Ryan picks next lol, I am going to make a bet with myself, Keep it hush..and see what happens..ok i got it..Its a _____________ 🙂

  18. the silver off this photo is really growing on me

  19. Phil Schneider says

    This car is perfect. Terrific pick. Whale tail, flared arches
    and fuchs. Plus that beautiful engine and ridiculous handling.