Jay Leno Darn Near Puts Carrera GT Into a Wall

Brad, one of our PorschePerfect.com readers, sent this in. Here’s what he had to say about the video:

I remember this from a show called “Rides” where Jay was looking to push the GT to a record speed. He spun 5 times and KEPT IT OFF THE WALL! At Talledega of all places too! Known for beating up even the best drivers in the world. So one can’t say he doesn’t know how to drive the cars he collects! I am sure a little luck was involved but talking to him after, you can see he clearly was making some conscious efforts to save it.

The video quality is terrible on this clip, but it’s still worth watching.


  1. No skill here.. Jay was incredibly lucky that he didn’t hit the wall. There is no sign of control in this video.

  2. As bad as this vid is in quality, I still like to watch it, I get goosebumps thinking he spun 5 times and just heads back to the pits like nothing happened. Reminds me of the 1985 Danny Sullivan Indy 500 win, He only spun 360 once, I guess Jay had to out do him!

  3. hope he does better than that in his new 10pm time slot

  4. I wish i had Leno’s car collection. Guy has some seriously ridiculous rides.

  5. he enjoys his cars.drives every one of them.

  6. Man was he lucky to keep it off the wall.

  7. great video.surprised leno hasn’t put it on his show.

  8. mitchell says

    thanks for the vid, im a fan of jay. and you know, a similar thing happened to me in my high performance, ahem, hyundai excel (thats right!) back in college on an icy road, lol. i lost total control, my car slid across 3 lanes of light traffic while doing a complete 360 but amazingly i didnt crash or hit anything. the vehicle almost self corrected and then i was on my merry way, lol.

  9. mitchell says

    here’s another cool jay video – didnt know where to post it… the 997 gt3 rs.


  10. He looked pretty calm for all that spinning! I guess he really knows how to drive! LOL

  11. i wonder how many fluids he lost when the car was spinning??

  12. @ ruthless bookie. Then he should do well! He didnt crash lol Hey at that speed, Its not necessarily driver error that throws a car into a spin, Any unseen or unpredictable little gust of air or crosswind can take a 3000 pound car and toss it like a toy…He held it after that! Luck or skill is the argument 🙂

  13. I think it was a lottery ticket moment

  14. That would be one wild ride. I’m sure NBC loves Leno doing things like this. Way to not ruin it though.

  15. When David Letterman lived here in CT, he became famous for his speeding tickets acquired in both his Porsche and his Ferrari. I find it interesting that Leno never gets into any trouble on the roads, just on tracks. Maybe he donates lots of $ to the LAPD retirement fund.

  16. Thats because Jay is usually seen around LA roads driving Stanley Steamers or other cars like that that top out at 30 lol

  17. this video reminds me of paul driving a porsche.

  18. Those guys don’t really care about the cost of speeding tickets. They probably do love their cars though and don’t want anything to happen to them.

  19. Phil Schneider says

    so lucky he didn’t collect that wall.
    at least he drives his car collection but he
    may want to attend a few more car classes