Porsche Carrera GT Videos x2

Here are a couple of Porsche Carrera GT videos I came across this weekend. Both are from Cars and Coffee meetups.


  1. The black GT is so impressive. It’s the perfect color and roars like a lion. Just amazing.

  2. I would call that just a nice little ride.

  3. anyone know why they stopped making them?

  4. @maria
    according to wikipedia:

    “Porsche announced in August, 2005 that it would not continue production of the Carrera GT through 2006, citing discontinuation was due to changing airbag regulations in the US.”

    I think it’s just one of those model names that they produce in limited runs from time to time, don’t be surprised if they produce another version in the next 5 years. They do the same thing with the Speedsters.

  5. the most super of the super cars.

  6. mitchell says

    punch it fabrice! lol that just sounds funny.. but the car absolutely sounds rad!

  7. That is interesting news bookie. It’s funny that they are sighting US airbag regulations as the reason for discontinuing it.

  8. Ah you are coming around Ryan! Thanks for the generous dose of Carrera GT vids for those of us obsessed with it! Well i am anyway! I love the first black one! I think the second black one in the first vid may be sporting an AWE exhaust setup.

  9. I really like the shiny black one! They don’t make them anymore?
    (Shows you how much I know about cars I can’t afford!)

  10. thats music to my ears

  11. Another thing about the Carrera GT, besides how great they look in black, Is they seem to look at their best with the roof hatches off and the rear spoiler/wing up. To me anyway.

  12. I bet they will wait for the economy to improve a little bit and maybe in 4-5 years produce them again.

  13. good call Jeff. It will take me that long to save up for one anyway.

  14. Ryan posted up there is a successor to the Carrera GT in the RS Spyder coming in 2012 .

  15. i’m glad you’ve got some gt stuff on here!!

  16. jeff w, in my opinion i don’t think the economy matters with the “super car” customer. if somebody is spending $250,000 plus on a car they’ve got more money than they know what to do with

  17. James, while I think that was the case back in mid-2008, the super car customer is definitely more pensive to drop that kind of coin mid-2009.

  18. limited edition cars are collectable and often go up in value,as opposed to other “collectables”.

  19. @ James, I think thats true with the super car customer. Sometimes you see the same names buying these cars too. Anytime Porsche, Ferrari etc unveils something new at this end of the market, They are there waiting …Almost as though they are counted on when the car goes into development lol. The recession to them means instead of their net worth going up by 10 million in a year, It only went up 7.5 🙂

  20. i agree with you brad. the thing about a recession usually mean all the “good” business owners stay in business and the not so good business owners go out of business

  21. I do agree that if you have millions of dollars you will still buy a 250k car, but some of them have lost money in the last year and I bet they think twice about it before they write the check.

  22. Jeff,…. Car people ..I mean real car people….. that also happen to have enough money to play at this end of the market, dont think about writing checks for cars , even with some losses lol There are still priorities you know 🙂

  23. what are the chances one of us “porsche perfect” followers will ever own a carrera gt???