Put Your Porsche on the Perfect Slice of Metal

I’ve never fancied myself much of a wheel guy. Always seemed like too many choices and potential screw-ups when choosing wheels. Choose the wrong ones and your sweet ride turns into a hideous bomb. However, driving the Giveaway Porsche and looking at lots of exotic cars has started to give me an appreciation for what a nice set of aftermarket wheels can do for a car’s looks.

I think if I were keeping the Giveaway Porsche indefinitely, I would seriously consider some wheels from a company named Victor Equipment. I ran across their site last week and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. As it turns out, Victor Equipment makes wheels exclusively for Porsches. That’s it. They have built an entire business around building the ultimate Porsche wheels for Porsche cars or Porsche SUVs with “no compromises.”

Victor Equipment wheels are engineered to accept the original Porsche cap and emblem (a big one in my book). They work with the original Porsche air sensors (TPMS) and are designed to be a perfect fit. If you think you’re sacrificing quality, think again. All Victor Equipment wheels are hand assembled and built to exacting specifications. To ensure the quality of ride, they are created them to be perfectly hub centric, made to tight tolerances.

All of this boils down to a wheel that looks amazing and complements the performance of Porsche cars. To get an idea of what their different wheel styles would look like on your model, you can check out the Virtual Garage on the Victor Equipment site. The tool lets you swap wheel styles and finishes on three different Porsche vehicles.

I’m pretty impressed with Victor Equipment wheels and their web site. Check it out for yourself here: Victor Equipment. By the way, my favorite wheel is the Florio with the silver finish pictured to the right and on the car above.

[Source: Victor Equipment]


  1. Those are nice looking wheels… and I know a thing or two about wheels.

  2. Most of the wheels out there today are way too gaudy. i.e. any rap music video. I do like the black colored rims on the website. Not a fan of the chrome. The black wheels on the black car look great.

  3. there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this – messing with the wheels means messing with the handling characteristics. these guys specialize in Porsche, so they’re probably a good source for wheels.

  4. Awesome! Nice pic to wake up to when one stops by the Porsche perfect site!. Those wheels are excellent and the best compliment i can give them is they look like they were not added on aftermarket! …They just suit the car perfectly. nice!

  5. Really great looking wheels! I am a big fan of the Florios as well – they look amazing in black w/ the chrome lip on them. I wonder if one would get tired of the black rims faster than the silver/chrome finishes. Regardless, it looks like you can’t go wrong with them – all of their styles are good looking / stylish (unless you are opposed to the straight-spoke look).

  6. mitchell says

    i dont know anything about wheels other than whether they look “cool” and those look great on the black porsche.

  7. Those are cool looking wheels. That is amazing the company builds their business model around only Porsche wheels, wow, they must be doing a great job.

  8. I love this car with low profile rims. So sleek.

  9. low profile does look good.

  10. jeremy i think you should get a set of those wheels for you corolla. they’d really set off the “look”

  11. Jeremy, I second what James said above. ^^

  12. My Carolla has the sweetest rims in the world already. On the right side I have a set of stock Toyota hubcaps and on the left some cheep walmart replacement hubs. The cool thing is, nobody notices because you don’t see the opposing sides at the same time. 🙂

  13. p.s. – I really need to win this porsche.

  14. Phil Schneider says

    not into the chrome rims


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