Porsche GT3RS Video

The video has snippets of the new Porsche GT3RS testing at the Nürburgring. Some great footage. This is one stinkin cool Porsche!


  1. Pure bliss. Fantastic video.

  2. Porsche Test Driver – dream job!

  3. Sounds like that GT3 is just tearing up that pavement. Pretty cool.

  4. yes it was a good video but i’m still a HUGE fan of the 962 video posted back in december. SWWEEEEEETTT!!!

  5. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! What an awesome video to wake up too! I love any GT-3 , But dressed in black is that much better!

  6. Just the sound is enough to get your blood racing on that one. That is one sweet ride.

  7. Yeah, I agree, I would take a GT3 in any color and be happy.

  8. GT3;does it get any better?

  9. Maria, I don’t believe that it does.

  10. yes maria it does get better much better. something to my knowledge ryan hasn’t posted anything about, the carrera gt. mmmm mmmm good

  11. I think I’d like to be a professional Porsche test driver. I could see that being a rewarding job.

  12. @Maria – was that really a question? How about the GT3 RS? Quicker, wider, lighter.

  13. and a lot of fun.

  14. and a lot better looking.

  15. Yeah, I would love to be a professional test driver too. That would be so much fun.

  16. mitchell says

    i love watching vids like this! cant get enough!

  17. Back to watch this again, Love this car and the action!