The Dream Machine Porsche Clip


Unfortunately you have to jump over to another site to see this clip, but it’s worth it. I found it while putting together my Top 5 Porsche Movies of All Time list. Such a great clip. Click anywhere on the video image above and it will launch a new window taking you to the site you can watch the video at.


  1. Arghhh. Work firewall. Apparently it’s cool if I watch the 30sec commercial about kitty litter before the video, but not the video itself.

  2. milf gives boy husband’s porsche – happens all the time.

  3. That is funny and and sad for the dude, but he probably deserved it.

  4. well ruthless bookie, if it happens all the time i guess i need to start hanging out with some more milfs

  5. Cory Haim.. he’s in all the good movies.

  6. Thanks for the recap RB! Now I don’t feel so bad about not being able to watch it. 🙂

  7. mitchell says

    where is corey feldman? those 2 were inseparable.

  8. James.. MILF.. your funny man.

  9. jeremy,
    i’m just looking for a back up plan if you happen to win the porsche and i don’t.