Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche takes 2 more wins in Le Mans Series – The Danish Essex team with drivers Emmanuel Collard (France), Casper Elgaard and Kristian Poulsen (both Denmark) piloted their Porsche RS Spyder to a victory in the LMP2 class. Porsche 911 GT3 RSR drivers Marc Lieb and Richard Lietz took their car across the finish line first in the GT2 class. Again, I don’t know a lot about racing, but I do know 1st is good! [Via The Sports Campus]

A Porsche for all you Metallica fans – PorschePurist.com reported that Kirk Hammett’s 911 C4 is up for auction on eBay again. Looks like it’s going for a bit less this time around with a starting bid of $32,500. Still a bit overpriced in my opinion, but I suppose that’s largely due to not being a Metallica fan. [Via PorschePurist.com]

“Survey Says…Porsche owners love their new cars” – I hear the words “survey says” and my brain automatically kicks the Richard Dawson voice in. Ahhh, all those great days of watching Family Feud when I was a kid. This particular survey found that Porsche was the most highly recommended brand with a 91% recommendation rate. [Via Truck Trend]

Porsche sales down, but saw an increase in selling more expensive models – Try this one on for size. Porsche sales were down by 27%, but their turnover only fell by 13%. That means they sold fewer cars, but the cars they sold were more expensive ones or “a richer mix” according to Klaus Berning, Porsche’s executive VP for sales and marketing. Interesting effective of a slowed economy. [Via Asiaone Motoring]

Porsche factory tour makes the list of free things to do in Europe this summer – Quite honestly, if you’re going to Europe this summer, I find it hard to believe free things to do is something you’ll be concerned about. However, if it is, head to Leipzig, Germany and take a free factory tour. You’ll get to see assembly lines for the Panamera and Cayenne. [Via MercuryNews.com]


  1. To own a stars old Porsche is cool, but does it really make it worth that much more? If you really like that star it would be cool I guess, but I don’t think I would pay a huge premium.

  2. Agreed. Why are people so celebrity obsessed that they would pay X amount of dollars more because someone from Metallica used to drive the car? Does the car go faster because of this? 😛

  3. Well at least its a Porsche asking a premium by being celebrity owned and not an 89 Lebaron (another Seinfeld reference) 🙂

  4. Survey Says – the Cayenne was probably pulling it down 9%. 🙂

  5. @Brad – I would definitely pay a premium if it were John Voight’s car – or is that “John” Voight’s car?

  6. lawrence stampley says


  7. It is great that a Porsche won the race and even better that he beat out a ton of Ferrari’s.

  8. About the Porsche sales figures, it looks like this is another case of the slowing economy for most, but the wealthy can still afford the luxurious cars. Fine by me, I plan to be in that category in 5 years.

  9. @ Andrew, Check to see if there is a pencil in the glove box with bite marks and match it to Kramers arm lol

  10. I think Porsche had a “richer mix” because people are no longer leveraging their Las Vegas condos to buy Porsche Wannabes (aka Boxsters). Just kidding, but seriously.

  11. mitchell says

    yeah, i would much rather have joHn voigt’s , lol