Road Rage Sucks…No Matter What You Drive

Barcelo for News

One of our readers, Joe, sent me a link to this story and I have to say it’s just plain sad. Sounds like a guy driving a Porsche and another fella in an Altima got into a little spat on the road that led to the Porsche driver literally getting run over and killed. The police determined that there was “aggressive behavior” between the two drivers before the confrontation leading to the fatality.

It’s ridiculous how easily something silly and stupid like a lane change too close to another vehicle can quickly escalate to the point of no return. Is stuff like that really worth someone dying over?

I’m a fairly spirited driver. I like being in front and don’t like it when people cut me off. But stuff like this regularly reminds me that I need to take it easy on the road. Someone cutting me off or not letting me merge onto a road is definitely not worth me spending the rest of my life in prison or ending up dead over (pretty much the same outcome as far as I’m concerned).

I hope this tragic accident, and the many others that have come before it just like this one, remind us that we need to relax and take it easy on the road. Slow down and let someone else in. Give a driver who cut you off or is driving too slow the benefit of the doubt and let it slide. We’ll make it to our destinations happier and hopefully in one piece.

[Source: NY Daily News]


  1. once, someone cut me off on the interstate, I sped up and came along side him & gave him the finger…he pointed a gun at me.
    road rage cured.

  2. Sad story, haven’t been able to post here in a few weeks, but had to share this one once i saw it in the NY news. To all drivers: think before you flip someone off or act crazy, there are too many idiots out there !

  3. mitchell says

    just get a bigger gun, lol

    i would like to invent a means of communicating with other drivers in real time in order to ask them to do things (like move over) and/or teach them what they are doing wrong so they dont keep doing it (eg – driving slow in passing lane).

  4. Another thing about road rage I learned while driving my 1984 V-Dub Convertible:
    When the top is down, other drivers can hear the stuff you’re yelling at them.

    …just sayin.

  5. Good post as a reminder. When one sees this, One has to re-evaluate their own priorities in driving. It really is nothing to lose your cool over when someone isnt as courteous. If its really dangerous behavior from someone else, don`t engage, just take a plate and call the police.

  6. That is a sad story indeed. I suppose you should never get out of your car when you are road raging with someone either. The shoe sitting in the street is a sad sign of what transpired. 🙁

  7. That does suck and thanks for the reminder. We do need to be smart and cautious when driving.

  8. I have had that same idea for many years Mitchell, just didn’t think there would be a big market for it. My idea is to put one of those rolling LED signs in the back window and a keyboard by the driver, then just type in the message you want the driver behind you to see. (It may cause more road rage though, so not sure it would work out so well).

  9. @ ruthless, Ive always wondered how that felt.

  10. new study done a year ago. in the study the people being asked the questions said that 75% of drivers on the road should get more training due to “bad” driving. 95% of the people in the study said they are “great” drivers and aren’t in the 75%.

    we all think we own the road and can do no wrong. i know there are times i just zone out while driving and have cut people off or gone to slow for them.

    killing somebody over a confrontation is taking it to a whole new level.

  11. That is just plain sad. Driving is a time to have fun and to enjoy the road……..not to get mad about small little annoyances.

  12. if you’ve ever driven in the metro NYC area, you know how quickly your patience can evaporate.