Porsche GT3 Video

For all you GT3 fans out there, this video will provide 4 minutes and 25 seconds of pure viewing pleasure for you. It features not just one, but TWO GT3s. Makes me wonder, if your job was to test cars like this all day, would you actually buy one? If so, what do you think you’d end up buying?


  1. what a way to wake up this morning. i got online and checked to see if there were any new posts =) now i know i’ll be having a good day

  2. Nice race car. I like how he says ‘roll… over-bar’.

  3. LOVE it! Love the GT 3 ! The RS may be a notch up performance wise but I`ll take the yellow GT 3 ….More than enough! Looks awesome in yellow..Some cars pull that color off and some dont, The GT 3 pulls it off terrificly!

  4. Amazing race car! I’ll take 2 please.

  5. Hmmm my post disappeared, But i would buy the yellow GT 3. I think the RS is more powerful and all, But good for a weekend racer. If i was already employed as a test driver..I would stay with the sharp looking and a little more street applicable(barely lol) yellow GT3 .. and it pulls that color off fabulously!

  6. I’m just going to throw this out there… If you were driving a red Porsche 994 Turbo through the streets of downtown PDX this morning, you drive like a beetch. 🙂
    Have a nice day.

  7. mitchell says

    it just looks awesome while in motion..pure fluidity

  8. Andrew, that was funny! Calling out a beetchy driver on the board, this could be a nice new trend.

  9. actually my uncle was friends with a test driver for a tire company and he HATED his job. he got to drive all types of cars and trucks. the love for driving turned into a job, day in day out. he eventually quit because he couldn’t stand it any more.

    so i guess the motto of story is don’t mix work with hobbies

  10. It’s really amazing to me that the RS is “much better”. I’m really surprised that they can improve on the GT3 so much as to make a car that is much better.