Weekly Porsche Wrap

We’re wrapping up last week a little late. Some interesting stuff happening “out there” in Porscheland.

Porsches 2 Oxford anticipates nearly 500 cars for 2009’s event – After I got done reading this, I was trying to figure out how I could swing a trip to Oxford. It’s dubbed “a casual Porsche party” with the proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society. The event gets revved up on Friday, July 24th with meetups at local watering holes and wraps up on Sunday with a road rally. Sounds like a great Porsche event. I’m thinking road trip in the Giveaway Porsche! [Via OxfordPress.com]

Qatar thinking about buying a stake in Porsche – Now what do you think of this one? Qatar, one of the Arab nations in the Gulf, is considering buying a piece of the Porsche pie. I’m not sure how I feel about that. The purist in me (what little there is) likes the likely ignorant perception that Porsche is wholly owned by Germans since it’s a German car company. The reality is, Porsche could use the cash right now and if Qatar has it, why not. [Via Los Angeles Times]

Porsche Boxster Speedster on the horizon? – This would be kind of a cool idea, a Porsche Boxster Speedster. Course I’m a fan of the Speedsters, so that’s an easy sell for me. What do you think those guys are getting paid to actually do? I WANT that job. [Via AutoExpress.com]

Bank of America CEO gives his Porsche 911 Turbo to his CFO – Although not illegal, it’s generally a really bad idea and is causing the guy some serious grief. He’s already under the microscope for approving a bunch of bonuses too soon (or at all in my opinion). How in the world did the two arrive at the decision that the free Porsche would be a good idea? [Via San Francisco Examiner]

Read Carscoops “Two Dents” on the new Porsche Panamera – This post cracked me up. Here are a few snippets to set the stage:

The new Porsche Panamera is like the acne-laced dork in high school who helps you study, or perhaps buys you beer: by God he’s ugly, but he plays an important role.

…instead of drawing inspiration from the 911, the designers butchered one. I mean, these guys really Quasimodo’d the thing.

They took a 911, gave it a hunch, and then threw it on the rack, stretching it to accommodate two extra doors. The only painless detail of the whole exterior is the Transformer-style spoiler on the Turbo.

You gotta read the whole article on Carscoop. Pretty funny take on the Panamera with an unexpected ending. [Via Carscoop]


  1. I prefer the Germans keep total control of Porsche and I doubt they really ‘need’ the money. Sure it would be nice but do they really need it?

  2. That is a surprising comment about the Panamera. Right now I am 50-50 on the Panamera. I don’t really like the rear design on the Panamera.

  3. The Porsche boxster speedster..YES i`ll take one, Love the look!

  4. Hey, that picture looks a lot like the give away car the last time I saw it.

  5. I am with that guy’s description of the Panamera. 🙂
    I’ve said it all along, but not as brutally. That thing looks like a Maserati Quattroporte. Not. A. Fan.

  6. nothing is wholly owned by 1 country anymore. I guess if its going to make porsche better, then im ok with it…qatar isnt too bad.

    It all depends what they decide to do…huge cash injection = board seat = more control / decisions = not good.

  7. Yea, that boxster is so nice!

  8. You’ve got to the the B of A Ceo’s style. I wich my boss would give me a Porsche.

  9. The Panamera is beautiful work in my opinion, But simply doesnt suit me for two reasons….and those are the extra doors 🙂

  10. I don’t think Porsche is hard-up for cash. They made $6.8B Euros a few months ago manipulating VW’s stock. That’s over US$9,000,000,000.00 at today’s conversion rate.

  11. the Panamera is interesting, but it does remind me of the Maserati

  12. The four door Panamera is awesome, the four doors just make it easier for you to take your kids for a spin in the worlds greatest brand of automobile.

  13. I can’t believe the boss giving his employee the 911. Wow he must really want to keep him at the bank.

  14. yes jeremy i agree that is how i saw the giveaway last time i saw it. glad its not a coincidence


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