New Porsche GT3 Video

This is just a stinking cool car. Definitely on my Ultimate Cars list of vehicles I’d like to own at some point in my life. Every time I see one of these videos, it reminds me of how much I’d like to learn to drift like that. I need to go to track drifting school.


  1. Ryan, practice makes perfect. Why pay for drifting school when there are miles of roads for you to learn to drift on. 🙂

  2. I don’t really know why, but this video reminds me of Malibu Grand Prix. Maybe its the helmet, or the windy track. I think I will go out there and learn to drift.

  3. the reason for paying for drifting school jeremy would be knowing the limits on an open track rather than finding the limits by wrapping the car around a tree

  4. That is a sweet video. I am really loving the GT3 the more I see it. I would love to drive one and it sure is a beautiful car.

  5. Love it! If that GT 3 was in White or black…even better! ..Just saw a GT 3 sunday..i drove by in opposite lane and heard a nice whoosh sound right past me …a Grey/titanium like color (fancy name for silver? lol ) But awesome!!

  6. I think that’s what Malibu Grand Prix would be for.
    That makes me want to go to the batting cages. (slow-pitch softball of course)

  7. mitchell says

    hey im going to a driving performance school – i hope they teach drifting… (probably wont be in G3’s though ,lol)