The Perfect Start to Your New Porsche’s Life

This will probably fall more into the dreaming category for most of us at this point, but it’s still fun to think of the possibilities. To me, this is the ultimate start to a new Porsche’s life.

Imagine placing your order for your brand new Porsche, we’ll use a 911 GT3 as an example since we’re dreaming here. You go to the dealer, pick out all of the specifics, customize every detail, charge the total on your American Express Centurion card (cause that’s what you do in dreams) and sign the final paperwork. You have the ultimate sports car, configured just the way you want it, being built just for you.

Now fast forward to the day it rolls off the factory line. What would be the absolute perfect place for the first time you slip behind the wheel? Downtown traffic? No. Your neighborhood streets? No. The parking lot of the local grocery store? No. The Autobahn? YES! Imagine the day you and your new Porsche meet for the first time…in Germany! The birthplace of the amazing car you spec’d out just the way you wanted it to be. Being driven for the first time in it’s own natural habitat.

Enter Porsche’s European Delivery Program.

Porsche has some incredible programs for taking delivery of your brand new Porsche IN Germany. You get a special factory tour, VIP treatment and even an option for going to the Hockenheimring race track to really “test” things out. After that you can take part in driving tours or venture out on your own through Europe.

To fuel your dreams a bit more, here are a couple of cool programs they offer:

The Grand Tour
Twice a year, Porsche offers a souped up version of their European Delivery program. The Grand Tour includes a visit to the new Porsche Museum, VIP Factory Tour, cocktail reception and welcome dinner. The following day, the group takes delivery of their new Porsches at the factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen with the rest of the day spent at the Hockenheimring race track to put your new car through its paces. The second day is wrapped up with a farewell dinner.

The Ultimate Vacation
This option puts you in charge of where you go, the sights you see and the places you visit in Europe. After spending a day at Porsche visiting the Factory Museum and Zuffenhausen factory, with lunch in the VIP lounge thrown in of course, you get the keys to your new Porsche and are bid farewell to enjoy the sights and roads of Europe. Swing over to Paris, down to Switzerland, over to Prague or just spend your time on the Autobahn. It’s up to you.

Once you’re done with your adventure, drop your car off at the factory or one of the additional drop off locations in Europe and Porsche will wrap things up for you. They take care of shipping your car stateside, including little details like insurance. You can even have them sort out any warranty work that needs to be done before you ship your car home.

You can read more about Porsche’s European Delivery programs on Porsche’s site: Porsche European Delivery

Someday when I order my GT3…….



  1. That is a great dream to fly over to Germany and play with your new toy over there. That is definitely on my list of things to do now. Great ideas.

  2. I don’t think I could have dreamt that any better myself. Sign me up for plan! I want to be the guy in the picture.

  3. The Porsche delivery is incredible….But just seat me in that picture and make it real! WOW!

  4. Mercedes and BMW, and I’m sure others, have deals like this as well. Although I’m sure it’d be more thrilling in a Porsche as opposed to the other two. That may be an even better dream story than J’s from yesterday. Count me in as well — but I have a sneaking suspicion that the guy in the photo isn’t driving on the Autobahn guys. Although that pic would tie in nicely with J’s story again.

  5. I just checked out the Porsche European Delivery website and the pic on the main page is of the rear end of a Boxster. I’m sorry, but if you’re taking European delivery on a Porsche it’s probably not going to be a Boxster. Who does that? Throw up something fantastic like the GT3 that Ryan mentioned.

  6. ryan, how about you sweeten the deal of winning the 911 and send us on a trip to germany all expenses paid to drive the car??

    • James, how about instead we stuff it in the freight elevator of the Reed Opera House mall and run it up to the second floor for an unveiling party.

  7. I just wonder how many engineers and fabricators it would take to rig up a system to get the 911 in an elevator, let alone get the Panamera up a skyscraper.

  8. Talking about starting a new life for a Porsche, I was at the Solar Expo in Portland yesterday and saw a 911 that was converted to a plug-in electric vehicle. I think it was about a 1988 and the only detail I remember was it said it could still do 0-60 in 7 seconds. Pretty good for an electric vehicle, I think. Next time I will try to do a better job of getting details for the Porsche Perfect site.

  9. Ryan, that sounds like a great idea! Although I think the old Armory in the Pearl would be a better venue.

  10. well ryan that sounds like a good idea. as long as i win it i’ll do all the advertising and promoting for the party

  11. mitchell says

    hmm, in my dreams, i dont have to charge the purchase – i have a porsche dealer call me up and asks me to drive one around, just so people know thats what i choose to drive (because what i do, is soooo impactful on other people) lol.. yeah, thats my dream… (same car though).

  12. Jeff, the electric Porsche sounds very cool. I’d love if you could get more info on it.

  13. I’m with Andrew, you should unveil in Portland!

  14. how about the people with the top 10 entries fly down to SF for the drawing and then the winner can drive it up the coast and back home while the others go home pouting, just a thought

  15. European delivery of a brand new Porsche.
    That would be too much fun.

  16. When I graduate from medical school, this will become less a dream and more a reality. ^_^


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