Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche 914 celebrates being 40 – The 914 is turning 40 this year. Porsche is honoring the occasion with a special 914 exhibit at the Porsche Factory Museum. To really bolster the 914 exhibit, they have 1 of only 2 914/8 vehicles on display that was once owned by Ferry Porsche. It has a 300 hp 8 cylinder racing engine in it. The following link has a nice little history on the model. [Via ClassicCar.co.nz]

VW: Has Porsche bitten off more than it can chew? – Questions, rumors, accusations, etc. are flying around questioning Porsche’s ability to manage the huge amount of debt it acquired when it took on a majority stake in VW. Not only are there loan refinancing issues, but cash flow issues given that the estimated interest on its loans is $790 million. An interesting article at the BusinessWeek.com link if you’re so inclined. [Via BusinessWeek.com]

Porsche is considering smaller engines – To lower CO2 emissions, Porsche will possibly be using four cylinder engines in the Boxster and Cayman. This would help them meet the EU’s target of 25% lower CO2 emissions by 2015. The smaller engines would likely be supercharged to maintain performance. I don’t personally care how big the engine is as long as it’s still Porsche-fast. [Via Autocar.co.uk]

928 successor coming? – Rumors are circulating yet again about the possibility of a 928-like model based on the Panamera. Front engine and two doors is all anyone seems to know at the moment. Sure would give potential 2-Door Bentley and Aston Martin buyers something to consider. No possible date or any spy photos yet that I’ve seen. [Via Autoblog.com]

Porsche’s uber-outsourcing model – I had forgotten that Porsche outsourced some of its production to other countries. It has developed a lean, contract based manufacturing process that allows it to remain nimble while forcing its outsource partners to bear much of the burden of less desirable economic times such as today. Pretty cool system that ultimately saves Porsche quite a bit of cash, especially during lower production times. [Via New York Times]

Co-Worker redefines “taking car out for a spin” – Check out the pics below. Imagine just picking up your new-to-you Porsche Boxster and graciously letting one of your co-workers take it out for spin. Then getting the dreaded phone call… [Via MyFoxDC.com]

Porsche World Roadshow provides thrills for the peeps – After pulling out of a number of major auto shows, Porsche decided to go in a different direction to try and spread “the Porsche virus.” At one of the World Roadshow stops in Canada, Porsche is going to put 350 prospective buyers through a one-day program to let them experience the range of Porsche models and what each has to offer in different environments. Everything from a raging track test of a 911 Turbo Cabriolet to slalom course testing in a Cayman S or Boxster S to off-road driving with several Cayenne models. Hey! I think I’m a prospective buyer! [Via MetroNews.ca]


  1. the story about the co-worker borrowing the car reminds me why i never let anybody drive my car

  2. Never have liked the 914. Sorry, but probably never will either.

  3. I think Porsche can handle VW and all of the responsibilities and amount of debt. They wouldn’t have done it if they don’t have a plan. I think it will be a good move for the long term. I think both companies will benefit by sharing info and saving overhead.

  4. I would say the co-worker was lucky and should be buying his buddy a new Boxter after that mistake and wreck. I have a co-worker that has a Boxter and I wouldn’t borrow his car. Even though I would be safe and smart with it, I know that a Porsche is a car you just don’t borrow…

  5. Oh my.. that is just awful. How could you even begin to explain that to your co-worker?

  6. I like the idea of a smaller engine for the Porsche, anything to reduce emissions is a great thing.

  7. I like the 914, Take it for what it is, A fun little car, unique styling that grows on you, I appreciate it more and more as time goes by. the little red one in the article is now my wallpaper 🙂 Would love to give that 914-8 a spin! 300 hp in that little package!

  8. Knowing Porsche engineering, They will know how to make a small displacement engine still rock!, Might help make the car lighter too in the negine bay…Helping out handling, I see it as a plus! Big cubes is still and always will be cool….But technology has advanced to easily make a lightweight a heavyweight in the ring!

  9. First a fall from a 500ft cliff and now a jeep-sandwich? And both times the occupants didn’t die? I’m beginning to think that Porsche is doing something right with the structural design of their cars.

  10. I am missing the news about qatar wanting to buy stakes and the presentation of the new Panamera in Shanghai.
    Maybe i have overflown those?

  11. i think i’d quit my job and move really quick if i did that to a co-workers car

  12. I am also ok with putting a smaller engine in the Boxter. It is a great car and if they want to produce a better mileage car that would be a great little commuter car. Rather commute in a Boxter rather than a Yugo.

  13. mitchell says

    im for making something more fuel efficient. the porsche name still goes a long way.