Porsche Factory Programs for the Ultimate Porsche

Porsche has long offered factory customizations for it’s cars. I’m pretty sure they’ll do about anything to a car, short of gold plating it (although I’m guessing if you walked in with a blank check they’d probably undertake that as well). One of my favorite customizations was the factory slant nose 911 conversions from the 80’s. That one is still on my list to own some day.

I was looking around the Porsche.com site today, doing a little constructive dreaming and happened on the Personalization and Service section that described what could be considered the ultimate Porsche: one personalized to your personal tastes. Check out these 2 programs.

Porsche Exclusive

The first Porsche program is one that’s been around for a long time. It’s essentially what I consider to be the “blank check” program. For us mere middle class and lower mortals, it’d be like writing a blank check. You have the option to customize your Porsche in whatever way you deem necessary. The Porsche Exclusive program site doesn’t have a lot of info since it’s highly personalized and geared toward walking a customer through every detail of building their car. Here’s a great summary of the program in Porsche’s own words:

620 Nm, 480 hp, 310 km/h (192 mph). 3.9 s from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph). All your dreams fulfilled.


We strive to make your every dream come true. How about painted air intake grilles, the passenger compartment painted in the exterior colour, or the gear/handbrake levers in aluminium or leather? Do you believe us now?

Here are some pictures from the Porsche Exclusive program…

Personally, I think flying to Zuffenhausen, Germany to do your customizations at the Porsche Exclusive Customer Center would be the ultimate way to undertake the process. Read more about the program on Porsche’s site: Porsche Exclusive


If a full blown customization process is not in the cards for you and your new Porsche, another option is the Tequipment program. You can choose from a broad range of Porsche factory accessories for not only the current model lineup, but models in the last 10 or so years.

A pretty extensive list of options is available covering everything from exterior enhancements to interior upgrades, equipment upgrades, etc. Here’s a sample from the Cayman (1st Gen) Tequipment list:

Exterior Interior Other Accessories
Aerokit Interior Materials Porsche Child Seats
Exterior Trim Package Interior Trip Packages Luggage Partition
Decorative Side Lettering . Sports-style Footrest Luggage Net
Front Splitters Floor Mats Front/Rear Cargo Liners
Exterior Mirror Trim Sun/Privacy Screen Car Covers
Red Taillights Door Sill Guards Ice Scraper
Wheel Options Sports Bucket Seats Rechargeable Torch
Sports Tailpipes Short Shifter Tool Kit
Roof Box/Carrier Audio Upgrades Porsche Charge-o-mat II
Bike Carrier Navigation
Vehicle Tracking System .

As you can see, there are a boatload of options. Most of these you can see online in the custom car configurator. If you were set on customizing your Porsche, and wanted to be sure you were using the best possible components to do it, this would be a great way to go. You’re not going to get a Gemballa “in your face” kind of look, but some of the best customizations are the subtle ones.

Here’s a sample of a Cayman with a few nice customization touches on the exterior from the Porsche Tequipment line:

Read more about the Tequipment options here: Porsche Tequipment

[Source & Pictures: Porsche.com]


  1. I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

  2. What the flip are all of the guages on the dash? I count 6.

  3. ryan,
    i’m not really familiar with the slant nose from the 80’s other than i really like the look. was the slant nose an option on the 911’s in the 80’s or was it a specific model? any rumor of them coming out with another slant nose?

    • @James – It was a huge aftermarket thing until Porsche decided to offer their own version. It was basically a factory 911 with the slant nose plus the flared fenders and whale tail of the turbo look. I think those were the most common. A few were actual Turbos but most were just Turbo looks if I recall correctly.

  4. The white 911 ! Thats for me..Love it!

  5. Jeremy:

    Speedo, Tach, Oil pressure, Water temp, Fuel , Turbo boost (psi)?

  6. That customized Boxter is a pretty sweet looking customization. I love the color and graphics on that.

  7. The slantnose was my favorite customized look on the 911 and especially on the 930. The 930 Turbo slantnose with a whale tail in Guards Red is probably my favorite Porsche of all time.

  8. ahhhh!!! I want the blue interior, its the sickest looking interior I have seen on any car!

  9. i agree with you jeremy. in my opinion the only gauges that matter to me are gas, rpm, and speed. well maybe one more if there was a gauge that told me how close a cop was

  10. Turbo Boost!! That’s awesome!

  11. isnt the term “ultimate porsche” a little redundant? lol
    i love em all!!


  12. Craig Wiggins says

    Looks similar to a concept peugot I seen.

  13. i like that chocolate brown on a 911 turbo and i think it should only be aloud to be on a 911 and not a boxster. just my opinion

  14. I agree James – the chocolate brown is sweet. If you buy a 911 any color you can imagine should be an option.

  15. That little boxster s on top looks a little better second time i come around to this post…Nice 🙂

  16. LOve the interior

  17. Phil Schneider says

    nice brown for the top car but I don’t like
    the script at the bottom