Cayenne GTS Porsche Design Edition 3

Porsche Design is releasing a 3rd edition of it’s customized vehicle line. I didn’t even realize they had any previous editions until today. The first two were the Cayman S Porsche Design Edition 1 and the Boxster S Porsche Design Edition 2. The Cayenne GTS Porsche Design Edition 3 joins the ranks later next month starting in Germany.

This special edition Cayenne will be limited to a production run of just 1,000 vehicles. It will feature a 4.8-liter V8 capable of producing 405 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. 0 to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds. Not too shabby for non-turbo version of the vehicle.

The big draw is definitely not the performance though. It’s the exclusivity of the design and specifically the limited number of examples produced. In fact, each one will have a placard showing the vehicle’s number mounted on the glove box. The interior is pretty nice looking with a cool red stitching running along the dash.

It’s been no secret that aside from the Cayenne Turbo, I’m not really a fan of Porsche’s SUV. The Porsche Design edition though is pretty sexy. I could definitely get into owning one of these although I doubt I’d be willing to spend the extra cash to pay the premium these will command. The whole thing reminds me of the Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer and Expedition craze from a few years ago. Man, I loved those SUVs and really wanted one.

Something cool about this model is it comes with an assortment of Porsche Design accessories modeled especially for this vehicle. Included is a Porsche Design Type P’6612 Automatic Chronograph featuring a light titanium casing enhanced by a metal strap with DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating. Also included is a four-piece luggage set each adorned with the Porsche Design Edition 3 label.

All in all, this looks like a sweet Cayenne. I know the Porsche Design stuff is typically overpriced, but you gotta love the exclusivity and attention to detail on this vehicle.

[Source:, The FINANCIAL]


  1. What a beauty, I love the built in GPS on the dash.

  2. I don’t know that I would pay the premium for this when new, but wait a few years and then buy one. Same with the Cayenne Turbo.

  3. If I had the budget I buy one new. How sweet would that be to drive one off the lot!

  4. I agree the draw must not be on the performance side. I’ve got to say — if I were buying a Porsche, regardless of model, it had better be able to break 6 seconds in the 0-60.

  5. where can i sign up to buy one? i need a new auto to go to the mountain and ski with

  6. I like the gauge cluster. thats not exclusive to this but i like how 4 or 5 gauges appear overlapping.

  7. this one could actually be worth buying!

  8. Phil Schneider says

    still a SUV but if I won it, I’d be happy

  9. hate the stripes,but it is nice.