Porsche Video: “…in about 20 years…”

The video is a little slow, but you have to watch it until the end to catch what the kid says. Personally, I think it typifies what many of us still feel about Porsche, even though we’re adults.


  1. wow. they do a great job with their videos.

  2. Robin Fleming says

    i wanna win it

  3. That was so cool. And so true.

  4. It is the purest expression of who we are…classic.

  5. That was me!

  6. I knew at 15 I would own a 911. Don’t have one yet, but I will.

  7. I’ll be waiting more than 20 yrs for this… GT3 debuts in NY this week:
    Full show at: http://www.autoshowny.com/
    GT3 Pic:

  8. Zoltan Almasi says

    He said: “I’ll see you in about 20 years.” I don’t have 20 years left. I need my Porsche now.

  9. That’s me right now! I’ll save up and buy a Porsche in 20 years.

  10. i remember the first time my dad took me to a porsche dealership =) the pursuit began

  11. Sharon Berube says

    It’s so true. Some people just know, at a very young age what they want. To own a Porshe 911! Now is the time to make it happen! Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. I agree with everyone – that was a great commercial. The sound effects person was on their A-game for that one. Really cool and I didn’t think it was too long at all. Almost like watching a little 3min movie. Really well done.

  13. Again, simplicity. Pure marketing genius. Because the ads are just real. Thats how we really feel and they are smart enough to capture it. No false claims or pie in the sky needed!