Check Out the New York Auto Show


Thanks to Richard, a reader, for reminding me about the New York Auto Show that started on Friday, April 10th. I meant to add a post about it this weekend, but forgot.

It’s worth checking out the site and looking at some of the categories. Although there’s not a huge amount of in depth info on the site, you can see a few cool pictures and read a little about the brands and cars. Here are a couple of links to Porsche related pages:

2009 Porsche Lineup

NY Debuts: Porsche 911 GT3 (scroll to page 3 to see the GT3)


  1. Makes me wish I lived in a big city to check out one of these auto shows.

  2. I’m going to actually try to make this, this year. Any others in the NYC area?

  3. I don’t often associate convertible Porsches and driving on the East Coast. But wouldn’t that be cool to drive through the Big Apple with the top down!

  4. I sure like that yellow Carrera Cabriolet. Would love to drive that on nice days.

  5. Have you guys seen that the bailout protestors are now supposedly camped out at the NY Auto Show? According to some news I’ve been reading, that is their new Ground 0.

  6. People will find any reason to protest, good or bad. I believe they just don’t have anything better to do. Most of them probably don’t even try to find a job so they just wake up in the morning and say what do you want to do today. Oh, I don’t know, let’s go protest the auto show so we can get our faces on TV. Ridiculous.