Weekly Porsche Wrap

Here’s a few things I found interesting/funny/etc this week:

Porsche to auction 2010 911 GT3 for charity – 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. Top speed of 194 mph. 435 horsepower. Maybe this year’s Porsche will outdo last year’s Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 auction that raised $340,000. The East Side House Settlement in New York helps disadvantaged students at Bronx high schools go to college. A pretty cool program. The 1,000 gala guests will get a sneak peek at the $112,200 supercar at their own private showing. Of course the bidding won’t start until AFTER the cocktail hour, when the high rollers are feeling extra generous (and hopefully tipsy I’m sure). I just hope the GT3 beats the Gallardo. [Via Bloomberg.com]

Where can I buy a Porsche Carrera GT in LA? – I’m not sure why I find this so ridiculous, but it is either a really stupid “smart” guy or a lousy poser. Here’s his post on a car message board:

I am a sucessful investment banker and I got $10 million this year. So where can I purchase a porsche carrera gt in LA? Is it illegal to drive it?

Doesn’t that seem stupid? If you seriously had that kind of cash, surely you could figure out where the heck you could find a freakin high end PORSCHE! I just have a hard time thinking someone with money to spend would post on a no namer car site message board to find a car. [Via otovaganza.com]

Porsche to deliver a Panamera Hybrid in 2011 – I don’t know how solid this is, but I am seeing more and more sites reporting that Porsche is going to deliver a hybrid sometime in the next couple of years. 2011 seems to be the most agreed upon year so far. Makes sense given the nature of the car. [Via WorldCarFans.com]

#1 women’s tennis player will be at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix – For all you combo Porsche/tennis fans, Dinara Safina will be at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix tournament which starts on April 25th. The 22-year-old Russian has replaced Serena Williams at the top of the WTA world rankings. For those of you who care, Porsche’s tourny will be played on clay for the first time. [Via GermanCarScene.com]


  1. What do you think Porsches obsession of hybrids suddenly is? I guess their following suit of the rest of the automakers…

  2. well joe maybe they see the writing on the wall and don’t want to be totally behind the curve

  3. i don’t really know a whole lot about dinara safina but i know i’d MUCH rather see maria sharapova

  4. about the guy trying to find a nice hight end porsche. i’m calling his bluff on this one, seems like some kid just trying to cause a stir of some sort.

  5. I think the hybrid is a great idea. It’s not like oil is a renewable resource.

  6. The dude from LA is probably not a poser, he’s probably just a loser who has to bolster his ego by bragging about how much cash he has.

    It’s the thing to do in LA.


    Jeremy Green: Winner of $35,400 on Wheel of fortune

  7. As if someone spending 100,000+ on a car cares what kind of gas mileage they’re getting…

  8. If the guy has that much cash and is stupid enough to say it on the web, then he should be able to hire someone to find him his GT.

  9. Either way, the guy is an idiot.

  10. Good job on the Wheel Jeremy. I would like to get on that show sometime soon. If you win 35k that could buy a nice starter Porsche.

  11. Definitely a lousy poser – no question about it. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot (no offense Jeremy as I’m pretty sure you were being sarcastic).

  12. well andrew i don’t think jeremy was being sarcastic about the time on wheel of fortune.
    the la guy? probably

  13. Sounds like a banker, what a douche…where can I buy a porsche and can I drive it. haha, this guy must really NOT live in LA. Every third car here is a porsche gt and MORE.

  14. @Russ – as a former banker I resent that comment. Dick. 🙂

  15. @Andrew, as a current banker, i stand by my comment 😀

  16. it looks like andrew and russ could have a little rivalry going on here. i’ll be waiting to hear some more comments pointed towards each other in the future

  17. hope the GT3 does well at auction;things have changed since last year.