Giveaway Entry Opportunity – Submit Your Porsche Story

Today we’re going to add another entry method for the Porsche Giveaway here at If you’re new to the giveaway, check out the Porsche Giveaway page to find out about other ways to gain entries in our giveway.

This entry method is pretty simple. Just submit your Porsche story, preferably a first hand experience (but not required). This can be your worst Porsche moment, favorite Porsche moment, your first Porsche encounter, etc. We’ll be posting the stories in future blog posts, so keep them appropriate please, otherwise we’ll take some editorial freedom to clean them up.

Here are the official guidelines:

  • Submit your Porsche related story via the Contact form on the Contact page, use Porsche Story as the subject
  • Your story needs to be at least 100 words, but not more than 1000
  • Your submission needs to be clearly Porsche related…if it’s not Porsche related, it will not gain you any entries into the giveaway
  • By submitting your story, you are giving us at permission to edit your story for any content we deem inappropriate and to reprint your story on the blog using your first name as the author; you are also confirming you are the original author of the story submitted and have rights to submit the story for inclusion on the blog

Every story submitted that follows the above guidelines will gain 3 entries into the giveaway. You can submit as many unique stories as you’d like, as long as they follow the guidelines. Not every story submitted will be used on the blog. Usage of any submissions is at the sole discretion of


  1. i like this ryan. it’ll be good to see what some others that post regularly feel about porsches and their stories

  2. This is a cool idea! I just need to create.. mmm remember some of my favorite Porsche memories.

  3. After seeing some of the fashions the NY designers come up with, maybe this IS a better use of the store window.

  4. i wouldn’t trust any of the stories that come from jeremy

    • Maybe you two need to have your own little side competition to see who can come up with the best Porsche story. The readers can vote on their favorite.

  5. i’ve got some stories for sure but i don’t know how good they are. i think we should have a competition on one of those indo boards from the other night

  6. This is a great idea. I will have to do some hard thinking and pick one.

  7. Great idea

  8. I concur – good idea. Looking forward to reading some of the commenters’ stories.

  9. Jennifer Anderson says

    The dream: The vacation trip to Nirvana would be with my husband in a new concept Porshe Panamera 4-door driving the California Coastal, up through Oregon, Washington, on into Canada to Vancouver stopping at every good Bed and Breakfast, micro brew pub, beach and winery along the way (allowing time to detox of course – no drink and drive in this new age treasure!) Loads of high caliber driving, meeting interesting people, hiking, R & R and … more 😉 !

  10. milton smith says

    great idea

  11. marc woronoff says

    this is a great giverway

  12. marc woronoff says

    the car is mine

  13. I have 2 third gen Camaro’s but this would fit in with them
    real sweet. Plus neighbors would envy!

  14. 10 Days til the car finds a new home.. woo hoo!

  15. I would be the best wife ever!!!

  16. This is a great contest. A 930 turbo rumbling down my street when I was a kid, turned into the driveway next door. As he left, he romped it and got sideways. I always watched for that car on weekends. AWESOME!!!!!


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