Porsche 911 GT3 Drifting Video

This video is in German, but the footage is well worth watching. The driver does some crazy drifting on some mountain roads. Some of the gutsiest footage in an expensive car that I’ve seen to date. Oh, and I want to learn to do that!


  1. Are you kidding me? This is just incredible driving! Gutsy in such a fine auto.

  2. I wish I could view videos at work. =[

  3. i don’t speak german but i understood everything he was saying

  4. One word describes the video… Incredible.

  5. Oh man that is crazy. How much fun would that be. Has anyone on this blog ever drifted?, And Snow and Ice do not count!

  6. i’ve watched this video 15 times now and still can’t get enough of it

  7. andrew i’ll let you know it’s well worth the wait

  8. Scott, how about sand?

    he gets pretty close to those hills…

  9. Thats crazy, i want to go to drifting class ;D

  10. i’m disappointed there wasn’t some april fools type joke today

  11. Oh man, if they had a drifting class I’d totally sign up!

  12. Yeah James, it was worth the wait.

    I want that guy’s job.

  13. He doesn’t have to watch the videos at work – he lives them. Not fair. I knew I should have become a professional driver instead of going to college and becoming a cubical rat. 😛

  14. jeremy i believe they have those type of classes up at PIR in portland

  15. also jeremy drifting your front wheel drive corolla might not be the best idea

  16. I’m sensing some James/Jeremy tension brewing on this site… Am I wrong?

  17. An ivory GT3 …All i care is it made it out unscathed! ..save for some easily replaceable rubber!

  18. mitchell says

    wow, that was impressive – i mean, even if tricks were used to amplify the effects, its still awesome to watch