Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche owner sues Bridgewater Circuit City over $50,000 damage to his car – This is just crazy to me. A guy who lives in Green Brook, who also owns a 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo is saying an employee caused $50,000 worth of damage to the car (depreciation, busted wheel/tire and broken suspension) when he hit a curb in the parking lot with the car. They’re calling it a “joyride”, but he sure didn’t get to ride very far.

Here’s the crazy part: the car is valued at $185,000! The owner brought it into the local Circuit City to have a stereo installed. Anyone else not see the logic in that?! Why would you spend that much money on a car and have some yayhoo at Circuit City slice and dice the interior putting a stereo in? I really don’t understand people sometimes.

The bummer part for the Porsche owner is with Circuit City closing it’s stores and filing for bankruptcy, where will he be left? Up shi shi creek I imagine. [Via MyCentralJersey.com]

Thieves can’t unload stolen Cayenne – Now this would really suck if you were in the auto theft business. You heist an extremely valuable Porsche Cayenne from the Kelantan royal family in Malyasia only to find out it’s the only one of it’s kind in the country and one of only six in the world. How do you get rid of the car?! Good news for the Kelantan royal family though. A new Porsche Cayenne Turbo S has been ordered to replace the stolen one. [Via NST.com]

Royal Fleet and Porsche Design team up to construct one sweet mega yacht – This is one wicked looking yacht. The RFF135 was designed by Porsche Design and is currently under construction. A launch date of early 2010 is anticipated. The openness and materials used in this design sure give it a modern, yet “sea going” feel. [Via SuperYachtTimes.com]


  1. I can’t wait to see more info and pics of the Porsche designed yacht. I love boats and would love a yacht and it looks incredible. Can you imagine cruising in that for a month on the high seas…

  2. I agree, why would you take your $185k Porsche to a company where a 16 year old kid is going to slap speakers or a stereo in there plus have the right to drive it around the parking lot. Crazy.

  3. Having previously sold and installed car stereos I have no idea why anyone with a 1990 Ford Festiva would (I guess can’t anymore) take their car to Circuit City for an install – let alone a brand new 911. IMO if you are that ignorant you probably shouldn’t be allowed to own one in the first place. Money can’t buy smarts.

    I wonder what the performance will be like on the Porsche Yacht. It looks sweet.

  4. Holy cow! That yacht is unbelievable. I wonder If they had the crew at circuit city install the stereo sytem on it?

  5. it seems like people know quality in certain parts of their life but don’t have a clue in others. for instance, a guy driving a 911 turbo and wears a $30 timex. its like step up and at least buy a rolex submariner. i’m sure that guy would say it just tells me time, but some would say a car just gets you from a to b.

  6. That boat is truly amazing. I am trying to imagine the amount of money you would need to have to even afford insurance on that.

  7. well i bet those guys that stole the cayenne will show up on a worlds dumbest criminals soon

  8. maybe he was getting a deal on the stereo?

  9. if i was offered a ride i’d probably take it on the yacht

  10. yea, I think I’d enjoy a ride on the yacht over the car too.

  11. James – not everybody who has money wants to make it look like they have money. The nouveau riche often buy things like Submariners to flaunt their wealth while others are much more subdued. It’s like people who buy black Porsches instead of yellow ones.

  12. Ha, good comment Andrew. I totally know what you mean about new money. I could do without people flaunting their net worth to the world.

  13. cool boat, but since im landlocked – id rather have a porsche auto…