Porsche Convertible Sliding Off the Road

I can see driving a Porsche on the snow. No problem there. But driving a convertible, on the snow, with the top DOWN?! I don’t know that the heaters would be enough to make that enjoyable. I had to watch this a couple of times. Just great how they swing around the corner and slow mo it off the edge. Then try and get out of it with the front wheels off the ground.


  1. Hmm, for some reason I can’t see the video.

  2. I can see it….and why would anyone drive like that, in conditions like that, if they owned a car like that….just sad.

  3. At least he got out of the hole
    I think its for a tv show/ magazine, not a person who’s driving for pleasure.

  4. ahh, I can see it now. That guy needs to get his head examined.

  5. Yea, this looks like a great day to leave the car in the garage. Shoot, ride your bike over driving the Porsche in weather like this.

  6. is that paul driving a porsche again??

  7. That is crazy. Crazy driving in crazy weather.

  8. Thats no way to treat a Porsche!!!

  9. I guess in the right conditions it would be fun to play in the snow like that. A wide open road where you won’t end up in the ditch.

  10. marque911 says

    Great clip! i suspect it was for a TV show.

  11. people have too much money and no sense

  12. Yes, I thinks its sad to see, Not as bad as the post about the guy screwing around and submerging his Porsche inn the bay!…and i just want one to take care of lol

  13. mitchell says

    juuuuuuuust a bit outside. lol

    that sorta happened to me once – but not on purpose. i went around a curve too fast and before i realized i had lost traction, i was a quarter way into a 360 and just road it out… came out perfectly and just kept right on driving, practically one fluid motion. i probably couldnt do that again if i tried