Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche takes over Scania…or maybe NOT – Porsche made it’s minimum bid for Scania as required by law after it upped it’s holding of Volkswagon past the 50% mark. Even though it has indirect control of the Swedish truck maker, Porsche obviously has no strategic interest in acquiring the company. [Via MSNBC]

Abu Dhabi Porsche sales UP 45%! – At least one car manufacturer is growing it’s market. The Porsche Centre in Abu Dhabi is so passionate about their sales that they’ve set a target for themselves of 1300 cars for 2009. That would represent nearly 20% growth over 2008. [Via CarMiddleEast.com]

Jobless man uses Porsche as advertisement – Andrew Blair had a brilliant idea shortly after losing his job: write a Job Wanted ad on the BACK OF HIS PORSCHE! I’d personally go with a blank sheet of paper and magic marker, but hey, what do I know. By the time he got home that day, he’d already had over a dozen calls from potential employers. [Via Telegraph.co.uk]

Next Gen Boxster Spied – Pics of the next generation of Boxster have started popping up. Check them out at MotorTrend.com. They have a cool side by side comparison between the current model and spied mule. At first glance it doesn’t seem much, if anything, has changed, but in actuality a lot has changed. [Via MotorTrend.com]

Updated 2009 911 GT3 RSR Revealed – I’m not a huge fan of the pimp daddy rear wings and crazy body panels and whatnot, but this is one sweet race car. I’m already a fan of the GT3 RS, so how can I not love the RSR?! Lots of redesigned systems, placement, engine boost, etc. Everything has a purpose on this baby. [Via AutomobileMag.com]