Gemballa Cayenne & 2009 Commitment to ALL Porsche Models

I decided this morning, while reading the latest issue of Christophorus Magazine, that I needed to expand my love for Porsche this year to include all models in the family, not just the ones I grew up on. I suppose it’s a lot like the day you decide you should get rid of the mullet, wear something other than parachute pants and stop trying to moonwalk to impress the ladies. Sometimes change is good, especially when it comes in the context of your passion for a company you’ve adored for a long time.

In light of my mini-revelation and a newfound desire to take action more quickly this year, I decided to compose my first Cayenne related post of 2009 highlighting a Cayenne vehicle I really like: the 2009 Gemballa Cayenne Tornado.

Appropriately named, the Gemballa Tornado has options for up to 740 hp while lightening the car by as much as 550 pounds. Many will hate all of the aftermarket skirting and external accoutrements, but I’ve long enjoyed the Gemballa renditions of Porsche cars dating back to the Avalanche days. They’re always so in your face and blatant…yet well thought out.


  1. ummmm….. wow i’m in love!!!!

  2. Whats wrong with mullets and moonwalking? 🙂 seriously, Can you think of a cooler way to get the groceries home? 740 hp and on a diet that sheds 550 lbs……No way the ice cream will melt on the way home! Only way to make it faster is to stop eating ice cream 🙂

  3. The idea of 740hp in a little SUV is crazy. You could have some fun in that bad boy.

  4. That would probably be AMAZING to drive, but it would be horrifying to look at though, i think they could have toned down the super-ricer styling.

  5. sometimes you want to take more than one person with you.

  6. I agree with Ben on this one. Aero body kits, when done tastefully, have their place, but when your Porsche starts to take on the facade of a kitted 1996 Integra I think you’ve overdone it.

  7. too much going on.sometimes less is more.

  8. I agree, sometimes you want to take more than one person.