Tempting Porsches #5

I came across this listing yesterday that piqued my interest. Largely due, I’m sure, to the neverending quest of the killer deal.

This Tempting Porsche came from a police auction originally with the Techart body work and customizations done after the car was purchased. Here are some details on the car:

2002 Porsche 911 C2
Excellent Condition, Never Smoked (I’m assuming he means never smoked in), Garage kept w/21418 Miles
2006 Headlight Conversion, Tech-art GT3 Bodykit /w MA SHAW front bumper, H&R high performance 1 3/4 Lowering springs, 19in 2-pc forged wheels with new tires

This car was purchased from a Police auction. ALL police auction for stolen vehicle are deemed SALAVGE TITLE. All police vehicle goes through maintenance check before sold.

Price: $31,900

Reminds me of the info products that were huge for a while touting that you could buy sports cars, boats, jewelry and other expensive items for pennies on the dollar. Again “the dream” rears it’s ugly head when I see stuff like this. You’d have to get an amazing deal at an auction to make the miriad of potential problems worth the risk.

Anyone have experience buying a Porsche at a police auction?


  1. In Florida we commonly have some very nice kitted out cars at police auctions. Always a buyer-beware situation, especially when considering that 21K miles may have been hard street racing. You’ll usually get a more thorough maintenance check on this than you would at a standard dealer auction. If you are going to be driving this in the same area it was siezed I would invest in an entirely new lock set and alarm system. That said, it is a beautiful car.

  2. Tempting is right! But me too i would worry that something like this may have been bought originally with fast(dirty) money and not appreciated and beaten on. Passing safety checks but with questions lingering about the major internals that might not be giving off easy clues to any potential nightmares later.

  3. nice car but a thorough inspection would be a

  4. knew it didn’t look like a 2002.

  5. Phil Schneider says

    On first glance, very nice but Porsches being
    Porsches, a inspection is a must

  6. mitchell says

    my friend’s dad bought a cadillac through a police auction about
    5 years ago. there was no info provided (other than it was taken during a drug bust) – just a pre-inspection period to look
    it over as best as possible and do your own due diligence (he was a good enough hobbyist as a mechanic to know what to look for).
    but he got it for half the book value and as far as i know, there
    were no problems or huge revelations that came out (like blood soaked seats or anything, lol).