Tempting Porsches #1

I’ve primarily been checking Craigslist.com for used Porsches online. Time has prevented me from looking too seriously for a car at this point, but I’m trying to at least get an idea of what’s out there. I’ve seen a fair number of decent cars, but aside from Boxsters and Cayennes, screaming deals have been a bit elusive.

I have been watching a few cars go down in price the last couple of weeks. Here are a couple that are a bit on the tempting side.

Temptation #1: 1999 Porsche 911 Cabriolet
I’ve seen a couple of decent deals on 911 Cabriolets. I know it’s the end of “the season” for convertibles, but I really don’t get the notion that convertibles have a season. I drove a Mustang convertible for a little over a year and enjoyed it all winter long. The rain didn’t really make that much difference to me. I stayed dry while in the car and got wet when I got out of the car (it’s Oregon after all).

This car has dropped about $5000 over the last month of looking to $23,450. It has lots of options, only about 60,000 miles, and seems to be in great condition. Other than it being white, I’m not a big white car fan, it’d be a great car to drive. The convertible would be a blast. Plus it has heated seats, so maybe I can talk my wife into it more easily.

Temptation #2: 1984 Porsche 928 SE
When I mentioned to my wife “Hey hon, how about a 928?”, her response was “You going to look for a new wife too?”. This car is only $5900, down for $8000 when I first started seeing it on Craigslist. It looks like it has some decent upgrades and was even seen on the Rockford Files and Simon and Simon.

I’m not sure why this is tempting to me. 928s are getting a little long in the tooth. But I’ve always liked them and kind of wanted one. Even though my wife says they look like a Gremlin.


  1. hope 928 found a good home!

  2. Kristina Brown says

    I like the looks of the 911 but your second picture/choice of the 928 doesn’t really appeal to me. Maybe it’s just not a good picture.

  3. I wish there was an update on these cars ….. did they sell, what price, etc.

  4. Everyone should own a 911…It’s just so Perfect!

  5. Everyone should own a 911…They’re AWESOME!!!