All Exotic Car Wreck

monte carlo casino square exotic car crash

This is what happens when rich people get their cars together. An ultimate exotic car crash.

It seems that the driver in the gorgeous blue Bentley Azure tried to squeeze around a Mercedes S Class. She didn’t make it and ended up taking out not only the Mercedes, but an Aston Martin Rapide, Porsche 911 and a Ferrari F430. Sweet MOTHER! Another few inchesand the nearly $500k Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe would have gotten in on the action.

monte carlo casino square exotic car crash

What’s amazing is the crowd of people that swarmed around, trapping the Bentley driver and passenger in the car. Embarrassing.

Some gorgeous machinery there. Even if they do now qualify for the Scratch N’ Dent lot.

[Source & Images: Autogespot]


  1. James O. says:

    hell of an expensive traffic jam. where was this, Monaco?

  2. Yeah, Monaco. Meant to mention that in the post.

  3. Zach Husman says:

    How embarrassing

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