Porsche 911 Outlaw Magnus Walker Style

I ran across this little bit older video on Vimeo today. I’ve long been a Magnus Walker fan (come on…who doesn’t love that guy?!) and his take on the Porsche 911. I love the mix of Outlaw 911s along with true restoration projects protecting the originality of a car. He feels like a sort of everyday, normal Porsche guy.

This particular video is about a 1978 Porsche 911 SCHR Magnus picked up to prove a Porsche 911 SC is a great first-time buyer 911. It’s his answer to an often asked question about where to start one’s Porsche habit.

This particular car had been a track car for 10 years, and already included a number of upgrades he would have performed. Magnus mentions that he feels track cars are worth considering since owners tend to take care of a car they’re going to drive at high speeds on a track. Something I hadn’t thought of.

Crank up the sound and let this video delight your eyes and ears…and dream of your own affordable 911 story.