Eye Candy: Vintage Porsche Ads


Sometimes going back in time is as eye-catching as a modern, gloriously brilliant image. For me, there’s something about having to engage your imagination in a different sort of way that is as mesmerizing as an HD image that makes it feel like you could reach out and touch a car. Recently, I was going back through some old emails and bookmarks I’d saved and came across one linking to a post with vintage Porsche ads. That led me to search for more of them and a half hour of spectacular time wasting! I love it!

For those in need of a little mid-week diversion, check out some of these sites with vintage Porsche ads. You’ll find yourself lost in Porsche days gone by.

Vintage Porsche Ads (Alex’s Autohaus)

Production Cars Vintage Car Ads

These Are The Best Porsche Print Ads Ever (AutoEvolution)

Here are a couple more of my favorites: