Porsche Wants To Make You A Better Driver

I came across this series on YouTube this last weekend and have watched all 3 of the videos below. It’s a great series that hopefully Porsche will continue on with for a while. Patrick Long has been the host so far, with the Porsche 911 R being the highlight car in the lessons. They’re short, to the point, and well worth watching.

Driving Lesson #1: Warm-Up

I particularly liked this video for the basic explanation of driving position and access to steering controls.

Driving Lesson #2: G-Forces

As I was watching this video, I couldn’t help but think I need access to a circular track like this. Pretty basic concepts of understeer and oversteer, but entertaining nonetheless.

Driving Lesson #3: Heel-And-Toe

The final video for this post covers downshifting using the heel-and-toe method for entry into a corner. A helpful technique in a manual transmission car.

I’ll add future videos as they’re posted. So far I’m loving this series!