Porsche Pictures Of The Week

Holy Cow! Some great pictures this week in exotic car land. Specifically a couple of Porsche pictures, courtesy of 9Magazine.com, that I can’t get out of my head.

First is by far my favorite from the week. It’s a Porsche 550A with an Opel Blitz van painted red with “Porsche” across the side that pulls a trailer just right for the 550.

A heck of a setup, with the van being a one of kind, and the Porsche 550A not far behind as it’s one of only 42 examples made. There are some great details on 9Magazine.com, so take a look at the post to catch them all and see some more pics here: Ex-Von Neumann 550A For Sale, With a Side of Blitz. This setup is absolutely gorgeous. If you feel the same, it can be yours for just under $4 million.

The second is will give you something to dream about all week. It happens to be a barn find that has been fully restored.

Imagine stumbling across this under a massive layer of dust:

Then turning it into this beauty:

This particular Porsche 904 is up for sale for 1.55 million Euros.

If only I had a spare $5 or $6 million sitting around. I’d take both!

[Source: 9Magazine.com; Images: 9Magazine.com & Art2Drive.com]