Porsche 911 Outlaw By Magnus Walker

I’ve been on an Outlaw kick lately. I’ve had this video bookmarked for a while, and just came across it again this morning while looking through some stuff I haven’t gotten around to posting.

The video is a segment from Jay Leno’s Garage featuring a 911 Outlaw built by Magnus Walker. He calls it his streetable race car.

Magnus is building cars with an artistic touch. I really like the style of the cars and his approach. Although any of his finished cars would be worthy of garage queen status, he is clear he builds his cars to drive and enjoy. He reveals his mindset through comments like, “Dirt does not slow you down.” I love that.

If you haven’t watched the Urban Outlaw film featuring Magnus Walker, check it out here: A Deeper Look Into Urban Outlaw Magnus Walker.

His 1971 Porsche 911T sounds simply awesome!