Your Day On The Infamous Porsche Leipzig Track

I think it’s safe to say that just about every even semi-serious Porsche enthusiast has dreamed about what it must be like to have access to Porsche’s own test track at the Leipzip plant. Oh to be one of the lucky few drivers/Porsche employees that have the job of testing Porsche’s best (and worst I suppose) on the track. That’s gotta be on the top 10 list of all time coolest jobs.

When I came across Porsche’s offering of laps on the Porsche Leipzig track, I was surprised. For a long time the track was off limits to all but Porsche employees and a lucky few with the right connections. This is definitely on my list of Porsche related adventures to accomplish.

Porsche offers both Pilot and Co-Pilot programs, depending on what your pleasure is and budget affords you. The Pilot options is not a “cut you loose” type of gig though. You go through some instruction, then follow an instructor at increased speeds. Still a valuable day’s worth of learning if you like to understand the ins and outs of circuit driving and wringing the most out of your exotic ride.

The Co-Pilot ride I would hope would be designed to scare the crap out of you, although based on the video, it looks to be a bit more on the mellow side.

Here’s a promo video, courtesy of Porsche, to whet your appetite for what the Co-Pilot option has to offer you:

For those of us with a more limited budget, or are just travel challenged at this phase in our lives, there’s a pretty cool 4-angle view of a hot lap on the Leipzig track behind and in a Porsche 911 GT3. You can check it out here: One Lap in Leipzig. A little viewing tip for you. Either make the video as big as you can, or get really close to your monitor and make sure you crank up the speakers. You’ll feel the rumble and excitement all the more intensely!

There are also a few other tidbits on the track and some other stuff on the microsite.

You can see the Porsche Leipzig Pilot and Co-Pilot offerings here:

Porsche Leipzig Pilot
Porsche Leipzig Co-Pilot

And if for some reason getting onto the Leipzig track in a car isn’t your thing, you can enjoy some culinary delights with Porsche’s Leipzig Start packages. Something for everyone!

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