Weekly Porsche Wrap

Hidden message on Porsche 918 RSR video – In the video below, you can see “…im CAD hat’s passt” inscribed on the new Porsche 918 RSR in handwritten script. Translated in English, it means “it fits in CAD!”. It evidently referred to the unwelcome discoveries that pieces shown to fit during the computer design phase of developing the concept car, did not always translate into real world components that fit together as they should. [via Jalopnik.com]

Formula 1 a “no go” for Porsche – Much to the chagrin of racing fans the world over, Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller has declared Formula 1 as “simply too expensive” and “not interesting.” It’s too bad, although not entirely surprising. A new FIA endurance racing category is supposed to be coming in 2014, and it’s rumored Porsche will field an entry. Endurance racing is right up Porsche’s alley and they should do well there. [via MotorAuthority.com]

Porsche-VW merger faces yet another round of legal hurdles – Looking like it’s going to be delayed yet again, the merger between Porsche and Volkswagen is again in the spotlight with new lawsuits being filed. Add this to the pending litigation and the merger is stalled for the time being. This has led to a 26% decline in the share price of Porsche stock, yet the company continues to post strong sales and thrive. It could easily be years before this who thing shakes out. [via Bloomberg.com]

Porsche working on a 4 cylinder Boxer engine – According to Autoweek, high ranking officials at Porsche have confirmed a four cylinder horizontally opposed engine is in the works. Anticipated to be an entry level, mid-engine model, it’s thought to be a spiritual successor of sorts to the 550 Spyder. Both a 2.0 liter and 2.5 liter version of the engine are being developed. The 2.5 liter engine would be capable of producing up to 380 hp. [via Autoweek.com]