Is A Porsche 911 The Ultimate Camping Rig?

Porsche camping in style

I’ll admit, I love the idea of camping much more than I love actually going camping. My wife, on the other hand, loves camping. She’s definitely the driver of weekend trips to spend time in the great outdoors for our family. However, I think all of that could change if she’d agree to going camping in a Porsche 911!

I happened on this story on the blog. It seems that one couple from London decided to step outside the norm and take a 7 week camping trip for their honeymoon. If that wasn’t unusual enough, they determined to make the journey in a “classic” Porsche 911. They settled on a Porsche 993 series, and Chris, the husband of the camping duo, found a reliable steed to carry them off into the camping sunset.

All totaled, they traveled 5,000 miles through 12 countries over the course of their 7 week honeymoon trip. Most of the time they camped. Pretty incredible.

You need to check out the full story at Can You Go Camping in a Porsche 993?

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