Could the Cayman Oust the 911?

I came across an interesting article today on The Independent in their Motoring section. Before I get into that though, why is it that the UK seems to have more motor enthusiasts, publications and general information per square inch of land than anyone else in the world? Guess bigger (as in the the size of the United States) doesn’t actually mean better. Or maybe I’m missing some important press avenues here.


The post by Mr. John Simister, opens with what he calls “the punch line”:

This is the best car Porsche currently makes.

Hmmm, I haven’t heard anyway say that about anything other than a 911 in a LOOOOONNNGGGG time. His reasoning? Here’s the basis for that judgement:

…it’s because the Cayman is compact, quite light by modern standards, looks in proper proportion with itself – unlike a modern 911 which has huge, droopy overhangs – and has its engine mounted ahead of the rear wheels instead of behind them. All of which means the Cayman steers with transparent precision and has an easy, confident, inertia-free balance in bends like a good racing car.

Seems like he is saying the Cayman is superior for the very reasons many absolutely love the 911. Styling. Rear-engine. Unique handling characteristics. To me that’s what the 911 is all about.

I’ve never driven a Cayman, but now I’m feeling the need to give it a more serious look. Although I think Porsche will have a hard time ever besting itself when it comes to the 911.

Read all of Simister’s post about the 911 on The Independent.