World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Deep down inside, I think every car enthusiast longs to conquer a challenging road. Whether it’s a drive through the Alps or a jaunt up old Highway 1 along the coast, there’s just something about the open road and the thrill of driving through twists and turns. I love driving twisty roads in a 911 and pushing the car to it’s limits. Although I have to admit, my brother-in-law scared the crap out of me on some back roads a few months ago. But the 911 held up well and kept us on the straight and narrow.

Paul sent me a link last week to a post on about 19 of the most complex and dangerous roads in the world. You can check out the full list and pictures at the link below. Here are a few of my favorites:

#2 – Stelvio Pass, Italy

Consisting of 48 hairpin bends, very narrow stretches and several steep inclines. This is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps at 2757 meters, and one heck of a crazy road.

#6 – The Road of Death, Bolivia

Known as El Camino de la Muerte ‘Road of Death’ in Spanish, the North Yungas Road in Bolivia is 43 miles long and was marked as the most dangerous road in the world in 1995. It’s got steep drop offs and no guardrails for much of the single lane stretches.

#14 – The Trollstigen in Norway

One of the most notable of roads in the Fjord in Norway, the Trollstigen (which means Trolls Ladder) takes a lot of concentration and skill to conquer. Lots of steep inclines, hairpin turns and narrow lanes.

Read the entire post at here: The 19 Most Complex and Dangerous Roads in the World.


  1. We drove through Stelvio Pass when I was a kid, scary I don’t think I looked out the window the whole way down.

  2. Some of those would be insanely fun (albeit dangerous) to drive in a Porsche. Some, on the other hand wouldn’t be so fun (the one in Russia for instance).

  3. Those are some crazy roads. Would be fun to cruise some of those.

  4. Stelvio’s not dangerous – it’s got barriers and is a well used road. The main problem are the cyclists and tourist coaches that get in the way of you having real fun.

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